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We design, build and decorate your commercial space.

Our objective is to bring creativity and harmony into each of our project.

When creativity and uniqueness is what the client desires, there’s no project too big or too small for us. We strive to understand what the assignment requires, analyzing what suits best as far as style, concept, and budget.

Decoration is what we do best, enhancing it with some basic structural design alteration if required. We work in synergy with the client when the project is smaller and with the architects when the project is bigger, always trying to make the most of the space and budget.


Dream it.

Do you dream of having a space that reflects your style or fell your place of  business needs a unique personality? We can certainly help; Space Design will propose a creative idea that will certainly turn your dream Inyo reality.

We first conceptualize your space so it stand out from the others. We work with a concept board until the right look is achieved. Then we translate it into a floor plan to make sure the flow of the space is right for you. If needed, we then work a 3D drawing so you can visualize it better.

Build it.

When you are ready to take the leap, we start elaborating the budget and the timetable. Then comes the process of designing the furniture, researching and scouting for the right decorative elements and gathering the best work crew. Every project is different with different needs and different challenges; the crew is chosen according to their skills and the requirements of the job. Our goal is to optimize the budget to ensure the new space responds to the objectives of the project in terms of functionality, creativity and style. 

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Grow it.

Most of Space Design’s clients continue requesting our services as their businesses grow and expand into new venture. Space Design is definitely your ally to the growth of your business! 

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