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The Garden


Bryan and Eric Friedman


Organic restaurant



Location or Director:

Punta las Marias, San Juan, Puerto Rico


Commercial / Low budget

The Restaurant The Garden has started with the intention of helping out a neighbor and friend create a space that reflected good taste and freshness without investing a big budget. To do so, work started with trying to use what was at hand and the first job was… the ceiling!

It was already textured with so many coats of paint that once it was scraped out, the first coat appeared melted into the cement, creating a uniquely dense cloud effect. We decided to enhance it, adding more of the existing colors palette which resulted into a wonderfully textured ceiling that instantly catches the eye. The four large handcrafts lamps - design and handmade by Space Design - were added to bring more presence to the upper part of the space as well as a slew of hanging planters. A very simple decor over all complemented with lots of green plants, playful garden gnomes and a collection of old gardening tools.

Fresh, simple and tasteful … just as desired…

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