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Shorty Castro Theater


Mike Philip Oliveros





Location or Director:

Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico



The Shorty Castro is a small theatre owned and managed by a dynamic group Stand Up Comics well-loved in the island. They noticed that on the nights dedicated to female stand- ups and female audience, called “Noche de Jevas” ( Beauties’ Night) most women would dress up for the occasion. Those shows always sold out and to better cater to the audience the group wanted the casual environment of the theater to have a nicer look. They called on Sophie Aurélie to give the space a quick face lift. Done in very short time and with minimum budget, the result was greatly noticed and appreciated both by the theatre crew as by their public. The Art Deco theme was chosen because it fitted best the architectural structure from the 80’s. Certain existing elements were adapted and key decorative one were added to achieve the aesthetic.

From then on, the bartenders got inspired and instinctively changed their wardrobe. Space Design’s intervention changed the whole dynamic of the theater from the environment to the personnel and ultimately the clientele. Sophie Aurélie’s work was greatly appreciated by her client who called her a few years later for another creative project.

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