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Señor Paleta


Jennifer Serano, Ramón Ortiz


Ice cream parlor



Location or Director:

Condado, San Juan, Puerto Rico



Señor Paleta is the sweetheart of the Puerto Rican popsicle lovers. A single tricycle was Señor Paleta’s first mobile retail outlet when the company was launched in 2014. Astonished at the instant success their product had with the consumers, founders, Ramón Ortiz and Jennifer Serrano developed their tricycle outlet into several small selling points throughout the island. Four years later, they asked Sophie Aurélie to design and build their biggest store yet, in the up-scale Condado area of San Juan, one of Puerto Rico most popular touristic areas. Built just after Hurricane Maria hit the island, the project took longer than anticipated due to the scarcity of materials and trained workforce. Luckily, clients were very understanding and more so, very exited with the end result. The day of the inauguration was grandiose with a beautiful acknowledgement to the hard work of Space Design team. Thank you Señor Paleta.

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