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Pirilo Pizza Rústica, 2nd Floor


Eduardo Rubio


Restaurant & Bar


2013/ 2014

Location or Director:

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico


Commercial / Carte Blanche

Pirilo Pizza Rústica’s second floor was a fun and creative project, with a great crew and the same trusting client. The kind of client that understand that Space Design intervention is a real investment for his business and worth giving budget and creativity “carte Blanche” in order to pursue the successful concept of the restaurant ‘s first floor. It was indeed a good business decision for him at the end: Pirilo 2nd floor was and still is a success with a two-hour waiting line on the week ends. Space Design is very proud of this project because it appeals to all, regardless of social standing, age or gender.

On the 2nd floor, Pirilo, the restaurant’s fictional host, welcome you with memorabilia that a grandmother would treasure of her favorite grandson, from pacifiers to school textbooks. You’ll find grandpa’s old specs and discover Pirilo’s love for travel through pictures of him visiting his family somewhere in Italy. The space is separated in four distinct areas: in the front room, modern crystal drop lamps, contrasting with the original brick wall of the 1800’s building, give an elegant magic to the space; the bar invites you in to sit down and relax in its intimate bistro pub atmosphere, with its old wood columns softened by the warm light of the delicate -grand mother style- pendant lamps; in the sitting area across from the bar, the ambiance is more like of a cafeteria style with the iconic school house pendant lamps coming down from de ceiling, highlighting its height; and finally Pirilo’s childhood playroom, complete with old toys, humorous objects and details, including hole in the wall from which cute little mice peek out. This last room is the fun one, perfect for family reunions and birthday celebrations for kids of any age!

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