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Om Studio , City View Plaza


Laura Feliciano


Beauty Salon in a corporate building



Location or Director:

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico



Om Studio City View Plaza mandate was done with an imperative fixed dead line. It was completed successfully and on time, even though Sophie Aurelie was recuperating from a knee operation and the transformation of the space was a labour-intensive contract.

The Miramar branch of Om Studio was so popular, and its clientele grew so quickly that Laura Om needed to make a big decision and move quickly. She hired Space Design for the third time. The creativity concept revolved around the theme of the “city” since the new beauty salon was located in one of the City View Plaza Towers. Since Om studio uses mostly organic hair products, we needed to incorporate nature into the different element of the design.

The concept that was created consisted basically in fusing gold and green colors and lots of flowers with the bold contrast of black painted walls. Sophie Aurelie also played around with colored hair sample using them in an eye catching way, using them as an overlay for the beauty salon bar base. It was instant sensation in the salon. A lot of vinyl wallpaper was also used to cover a wall that was part of an old section of the salon that could not be changed. It worked brilliantly. The new salon was definitely reflecting the funky style of Laura Om. That made her happy as well as her own clients.

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