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Om Studio Boutique


Laura Teresa Feliciano


Beauty Salon



Location or Director:

Miramar, San Juan, Puerto Rico



This project was small yet creatively rewarding. The client wanted to have a Boutique Salon. The challenge was to fit four work station, a waiting area, a color station and an office area in this 650sqft space. Luckily the ceiling was high. The white and yellow color palette and the vertical stencil pattern were chosen to enhance the height of the space. An office space was created by building a mini mezzanine over the shampoo station and bathroom,

The result was fun, fresh yet efficient workplace that soon became the trendy salon to go too. The Salon lasted about 4 years. The now iconic Laura Om had to get a much larger space to accommodate her ever-growing clientele. She did contract Sophie Aurelie to design her next beauty Salon - Om Studio City View Plaza-.

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