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Raquel & Dr. Juan Del Río


Unlimited budget/ completed in 12 days



Location or Director:

Condado, San Juan, Puerto Rico


Residential apartment

Sophie Aurelie was called by the building owner of Oceanica in the Condado area of San Juan, after having seen her work as a Set Decorator on the Italian TV serie “Angels and Diamonds”, that was filmed in one of its empty apartments. She believed only a set Decorator could pull the deadline required to please her new renters. The challenge: a 3500 sqft / 325m2 apartment ; a 12 days deadline including the first meeting with the clients. Sophie Aurélie made sure they would understand that residential decoration was not her expertise and she would address the project the same way as a film production. To meet their deadline ( the tenants were expecting an important visitor and needed their new and empty apartment to look elegant and homey ) the client would choose between one of two decorative styles Sophie Aurelie would propose and from then on they would have to trust she would meet their expectations. … With a crew of nine people, the challenge was accepted. Time and merchandise accessibility was the main stress factor , but nothing a movie crew couldn’t face.

The project turned out to be a wonderful work experience that culminated into tearful thank you’s from the clients, a delighted family, and a night of celebration for the crew.

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