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Monsita Guest House


Eduardo Rubio


Hostal/Guest house



Location or Director:

Ocean Park, San Juan, Puerto Rico



This one was a challenging project; to create 7 guest rooms / apartments without demolishing the original layout and floors. Two super mini bedrooms, three small size bedroom and two medium apartments were able to fit in this 1930’s house. All with an industrial-tropical, vintage and recycled theme ambiance. Anything found had the potencial to be transformed and upgraded into a unique decoration item. From bed frames made out of electrical pipes, lamp shades made of planters, dominos as decorative door frame, legos as plaster, old dresser as headboards, frizebee as door sign and so on. It was all about giving a second life to every objets we encountered. It took seven month in the making, as everything had to be “re-made”, with a very small crew. The color palette sticks out, with bold combination to give the illusion of impulse decoration when in fact, all has been well thought to create a sense of harmony into all the eclecticness going on.

An outdoor kitchenette have been build out side of the maintenance cabin, adding to the hostal vibe and allowing guests to enjoy the communal garden. The dead orange tree was on the land when we started the project and still look beautiful and perfectly dried up. So as the rest of every decorative item found, we gave it a second life by painting it white and placing mini led lights on every branches. At night this dead orange tree shine its magic!

The reviews are great to look at and most comments are of the uniqueness of the decor and ambiance. Challenge completed!

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