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Meant to Be


Actors: Kelly Reilly, Santiago Cabrera, Julian Rhind-Tutt & Mia Maestro


Romantic Comedy Film


2009 released 2010

Location or Director:

Director : Paul Breuls / Written by: Kara Holden


Set design

“A delightful romantic comedy about a guardian angel that falls for the young woman he is supposed to protect”

It is indeed a unique experience for a set decorator to have a whole month to decorate an empty mansion.The opportunity was given to Sophie Aurélie as the set decorator of Meant to Be, a film starring Mia Maestro in the role of Gigi, an eccentric Puertorrican designer. Creatively a fun mandate, the sets were lavish with textures and colors, humor and original details. Sophie Aurelie created a setting with a unique personality to fit the eccentricity of one of the leading character.

Other than the Puertorrican Eccentric Mansion, Sophie Aurelie also decorated God’s Library, the NewsPaper Coffee Shop and the Archeologic Site of an old church; some of Sophie Aurelie favorite sets to work on. Although the set decoration department encountered many production challenges, the hard work was highly appreciated.

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