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La B de Burro


Laura Teresa Feliciano


Mexican restaurant



Location or Director:

Ocean Park, San Juan, Puerto Rico



The challenge was to develop a concept for a Mexican restaurant that didn’t look like a “another” Mexican place. The color palette for this tiny space was shifted from the usual red and green to light purple and pink. The donkey (burro in Spanish) in the name was nowhere to be seen - well… maybe a tiny bit- in this wrestling-inspired concept. With humor as the driving force and unifying element of the decor, la B de Burro turned into the story of Burro, a fictitious wrestler, as depicted in the memorabilia of his life and fights.And it was its many original elements that created the special atmosphere of the place.

Wrestling or Lucha Libre in Spanish , and amusing artefacts of “Noche de los Muertos”, (Night of the Dead) are the main reference to the distinctive culture of Mexico. La B de Burro, was a popular eatery for many years among its faithful clientele and curious tourist wanting to experience fun dining in the distinctive wrestling ring terrace. After Hurricane Maria, the restaurant was sold, but the memories still remains.

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