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Diet Home


Hilda Arias


Restaurant and Take Out Counter



Location or Director:

Puerto Nuevo, San Juan, Puerto Rico



Diet Home is a restaurant with health in mind. The space was designed to attract the eye with its fresh look and bright green and fuchsia colors. Located in a high traffic avenue of Puerto Nuevo business district, the challenges was to catch the eye of hurried potential client and pull them inside. The name of the business could have deterred some, but curiosity got the better of them. The space was a bright splash of color against the grey of the surrounding building. Diet Home has been operating for a year with a small and stable customer base, but its business model, a delivery-only service one needed to subscribe to, did not appeal to everybody. For the owner, the restaurant counter was really just a window display to promote the diet services. She was rather hesitant to invest in interior design, not sure how it could be a solution. But it turned out to be much more successful than the expected or even wished for.

Two weeks after the gran opening, she called Sophie Aurelie to let her know that she believed hiring Space Design has been one of her best business decision she had ever made.

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