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Casa Cecilia, Trippers Inn


Mikelo Rosario / Eduardo Rubio


Guest house



Location or Director:

Ocean Park, San Juan, Puerto Rico



Casa Cecilia Trippers Inn was design respecting the original style of the 1950’s two stories building and only adding a light tropical twist. Since the original terrazzo floors were kept, and this typical tile was very popular in Puerto Rico, in the 50’s, it made sense to go with an inspired mid century look for the decoration. The exterior transformation of this building which was abandoned for many year, really got noticed and appreciated by the neighbours. A vertical garden was created on some of the exterior walls as insulation, to help reducing the heat as well as the noise from the street. It also gave tremendous visual attraction to the facade.

We were able to divide the interior space into four small to medium sized apartments, each one with a small kitchenette; a third floor was added to create a fifth larger apartment with a mezzanine. We chose a palette of soft colors, mixed with a single vibrant one, to personalize each apartment while giving it a fresh but sharp look. The overall impression is fresh, clean, elegant in a casual way.

Casa Cecilia is a source of great pride for Sophie Aurélie for it was a success right from the start, receiving great media and guest reviews, most of them acknowledging the originality of the interior design.

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