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Angel and Diamonds


Production House Fidia Film and Media Set


TV Mini Series comedy / 13 week shoot



Location or Director:

Director: Raffaele Mestro


Set design

“Angeli e Diamanti” is an Italian episode mini series shown in Canal 5:

“Capitain of police, Chiara Rosi ( Vittoria Belvedere), Marshal, Giorgia Bocci ( Martina Stella) and police Lieutenant, Laura Rocci ( Camilla Ferranti), three undercover agents, are invited to Puerto Rico to thwart a diamond trade and arrest an uncatchable thief, because of whom Chiara’s father risks losing his work and credibility. Chiara and her friends have nothing left to do but go undercover to PuertoRico to start investigating.”

On this three month shoot teleseries, the main challenge was to work with a director with whom communication was limited ( both director and producer were from Italy): trust was key. Many complicated sets, great expectations and running againts time made the production long and challenging. As there was no art director in this project and the production designer quit the second week of shoot, all the art department was placed on Sophie Aurelie’s shoulders. Luckily the art department crew members were dedicated and fun to work with.

At the end of the shoot, the first acknowledgement from the director was to Sophie Aurelie offering her not 1 but 2 bottles of fine Italian wine as a thank you gift. Yes, he did realize the among of work the art department had to take on was enormous! And that unexpected moment felt really good.

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