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City View Plaza


Luis Raul Sola, Real Estate Management


Building Lobby



Location or Director:

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico


Commercial Lobby

Like most of Space Design’s project, this one was the result of word of mouth. When the manager of the building saw Sophie Aurélie’s recently completedproject- Om Studio City View Plaza - he asked her if she could do a corporate style decoration for the Tower2 lobby of the large City View complex. With pleasure she embark this uncomplicated project, aiming to give a modern and high quality style to the spacious lobby. The “contract furniture”, ordered in Italy, was chosen for its large size and the elegant texture of the leather. The extra large planters, ordered in Spain, gave a fun twist -literally- to the corporate style. The “contract” silk rugs and the retro style center tables balanced the space with a softer feminine touch. The manager was very pleased with the end result.

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